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My shortcuts ported to ScPL

Making Media Mutt Addons


Download a copy of the Media Mutt Addon Template.


It is recommended to name your addon with the prefix Go Fetch from followed by the name of the website. Example: Go Fetch from Dailymotion or Go Fetch from Facebook. When registering addons with Media Mutt the default shortcut search term is Fetch. This will make it easy to find your addon.


Media Mutt and it’s addons are implemented as pseudo-functions. It’s a way to mimic subroutines in Shortcuts by using recursion. That’s why the Metadata update indicated below is important because it relies to it to know the name of the shortcut.


It is required to update the value of the shortcut key on the meta dictionary to be the same value as the name of your shortcut.

main function

If your addon is run by itself, this is the part where it lands. So of you need to do some onboarding process, you can include them in here.

register function

This function is called by Media Mutt to get information about the addon. Currently, only the name of the addon is required.

canProcessURL function

This function is called by Media Mutt to check if the addon is able to download the media for the url being passed. Usually a RegEx match will suffice but you can include further validation if needed.

fetchMedia function

This is the function that will actually download the media from the passed url.


If you need to display any messages, use the method showMessage as indicated on the below screenshot. This will follow the user’s preference whether they want to show alerts or notifications.

showMessage Function