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Text File Widget

Display the contents of a text file on a widget. Works best for short texts but also flexible to allow displaying longer text files. This can be used as a lock screen or a home screen widget.

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Detracktor - Remove Tracking Tokens

Using Keyboard-Maestro and a little javascript, you can remove tracking tokens from URLs with a keyboard shortcut.

Here’s how.

  1. Download the Detracktor macro.
  2. Assign yuour shortcut key. I use HyperKey-Z (Control-Option-Command-Shift+Z).

That’s it. Now, everytime you have a URL on the clipboard, press your keyboard shortcut and any tracking tokens on the URL will be removed.

There’s also a Shortcuts version in case you’re interested.


Ever wanted to browse your IOS device’s file system? Now you can! Well, sort of.

When curiosity strikes, I would often find a way to scratch the itch.

Scriptable provides a FileManager class that can list the contents for directories and do some file management functions. It also has methods that provide the internal paths to some default directories - temporary, library, cache, and documents directories. There’s also a bookmarkedPath method to navigate around file and folder bookmarks.

But it make me wonder, what other directories can Scriptable access? Can it access the root / folder perhaps?

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Instagram Widget Update

It’s fixed! Finally.

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Advent of Code Day 6

Today’s challenge presents two concepts - finding unique values and set intersection. Finding unique values in part 1 wasn’t that difficut but it took me a while to figure out the intersection of multiple arrays.

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Advent of Code Day 5

You learn something new everyday. And there’s more one way to arrive to a solution for any problem.

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Advent of Code Day 4

I sensing a pattern here. I might need to build a compiler soon.

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Advent of Code Day 3 - The Forest is Scary

Day number 3. It wasn’t a walk in the park. We’re talking about a forest here. Spoiler: I cheated.

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Advent of Code Day 2 - Passwords

Second day of coding puzzles - validating passwords. My first thought this would involve matching strings against each other but it was more than that.

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Advent of Code Day 1

So I saw a bunch of people tweeting about #AdventOfCode. I remember seeing that tag before but I never bothered to actually see what is it all about. My curious side hit me today so I went ahead to join.

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Hello and welcome to my first blog post

Welcome to the launch of my new website and my first blog post. I started this as a way to share stuff about iOS Shortcuts, automations, development, and tech in general.

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